If you’re like most pet owners, you probably spend a lot of time inside with your furry friend when the weather is bad. While it’s definitely important to keep your pet safe and comfortable during inclement weather, it’s also important to make sure they stay mentally and physically stimulated. Here are a few ideas for keeping your pet entertained indoors.

#1: Treat your pet to a food puzzle

Eating from a food bowl gets boring, especially for cats, who are natural-born predators. Give your furry pal the gift of an exciting mealtime by treating them to a food puzzle. These puzzles are designed to make your pet work for their meal and are an excellent way to encourage critical thinking. Create your own food puzzle from cardboard tubes and boxes, muffin tins, tennis balls, or fleece fabric strips. If you’re not that crafty, buy a variety of food puzzles that can keep your pet entertained and satisfied.

#2: Play a game of hide-and-seek

Hide-and-seek is a fun way to embrace your inner child and get your pet up and moving. While your cat may not search for you, your dog is likely to come looking for you, especially if you run out of the room and quickly hide. If your pet is not really interested in searching for you, hide strongly scented pet treats instead. Encourage your furry pal to “find it” and help them in their hunt if they struggle.

#3: Teach your pet a new trick

Trick-training is a fantastic way to coax your pet into being active in the dead of winter. Brush up on old favorites, or learn new skills that can be handy for wintertime, like wiping their paws on a mat when coming in from outside.

During cold winter months, your furry pal can become more fat than fluff with too little play. Keep an eye on your pet’s weight by scheduling a wellness exam with our team.